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Ken Plum: Redesigning Our Schools

plumMy first experience in Fairfax County came as a result of being placed as an intern teacher by the University of Virginia in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). My history/political science undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University did not provide me the necessary credentials to teach; the M. Ed. program allowed me to continue my studies in history while completing a year-long supervised internship. The school in which I was placed scheduled me for three periods of the most challenging students in the school from whom I could learn to teach. Continue reading

Robert Hurt: The Islamic State Is Waging Genocide That Must Be Stopped

robert hurtThis weekend, U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Louis F. Cardin, who was embedded with Iraqi forces engaged in the battle against the Islamic State (ISIS), died from rocket fire targeted at the outpost at which he was stationed. We mourn this loss of this serviceman, and we are reminded of the tremendous peril our servicemen and women subject themselves to each day for the sake of our safety and freedom at home. It is with these heroes in mind that we must sharpen our resolve against ISIS and the evil it perpetrates. Continue reading

Page County Republican Counters Recent Negative Global Trump Reports

J Parker GochenourPage County Dot Net President and Editor Chris Marston recently sat down with the Chairman of the Republican Party for Page County, J. Parker Gochenour and discussed a recent report on the potential of Donald Trump winning the presidency. The report included the impact on the world economy, an increased potential of Islamic terror attacks and a possible trade war with Mexico and China. Continue reading

Ken Plum: A Circus Show

plumIronically Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus moved into the Richmond Coliseum for its annual stand at the same time last week that a few blocks away the General Assembly concluded its annual meeting and members packed up and went home. Circus promoters need to come up with a new theme each year to keep its patrons returning; this year’s theme was “Extreme.” Continue reading

Robert Hurt: Today’s Students Are Tomorrow’s Innovators

robert hurtThis past week, we had the opportunity to visit a number of schools across the Fifth District and learn about the curricula our students have been studying. We visited schools in Rocky Mount, Gretna, Chatham, Altavista, Brookneal, Cumberland, Palmyra, Farmville, Stanardsville, and Charlottesville discussing topics ranging from computer science to political science. Continue reading

Morgan Griffith – EPA’s War on… Stock Cars?

morgan griffithAs Ronald Reagan might say, “there you go again.” Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations impact many aspects of our economy such as energy, manufacturing, agriculture, etc., and it seems the agency may now have our hobbies and pastimes in its crosshairs (See bottom of column on how to have your voice heard at the EPA). Continue reading

Randy Forbes: My First Job Taught Me This

forbes As a boy growing up in what was a very rural Hampton Roads at the time, summers were mostly spent mowing my neighbor’s, my grandmother’s, and my aunt’s lawns, doing odd jobs for a bit of pocket money, visiting with my grandparents, or playing Parcheesi with friends on our small front porch until the sun faded to dusk and the lightening bugs came out. Continue reading